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ABA Therapy Case Study


Visibility for
Local Queries


Visibility Increase for Nearby Cities


Increase in
Organic Traffic

The Challenge

A startup ABA therapy clinic in Georgia needed help building their Organic presence as larger, more established ABA clinics in the area dominated the Organic landscape. With minimal Organic presence, yet aggressive growth goals during a tough time (2020: the year of Covid-19), the client needed a strategy to gain market share over the established clinics it was competing against in its local market.


While there are many other ways to attract the attention of potential customers, this ABA clinic wanted a low-cost, sustainable strategy that would help them solidify their footing in their local market.

This led them to consider SEO. Whereas purchasing paid search ads via Facebook or Google can help increase traffic and brand awareness, it can be costly and the traffic attracted through a paid search campaign ends once the client stops paying.

SEO when done correctly lowers the cost for acquiring new customers because good SEO work compounds over time and the visibility gained through increasing keyword rankings on Google can last for years.


The team didn’t have the time or knowledge to implement SEO best practices and reached out to JCT Growth to assist.

There were 4 main areas that contributed to the success with this client:

  1. We built an extensive Search Intent Map (SIM) to highlight how users search for ABA therapy and autism-related topics. We then created meaningful content to support people looking for ABA therapy or resources for a child with autism such as a 101 on what ABA therapy is, to the individual resources for financial assistance.

  2. We optimized meta tags (title tags, h1s, meta descriptions) to match how clients searched for local ABA services

  3. We built back-links and local citations for our client. We also optimized its own internal links that helped establish its authority within its local market.

  4. We updated our client’s Google My Business to properly reflect the business hours, images, Covid-19 precautions, and map data. 


The result was targeted keywords ranking in the top five against established competitors that have visibility throughout the US for keywords such as ‘in-home aba therapy’, ‘aba therapy near me’, and ‘center based aba therapy’.

In six months we were able to increase visibility across all major keywords and themes to 1100% in the local area and 600% in surrounding cities. Website traffic has increased 300% to date and directly impacted the conversion rate of organic new client forms being submitted.

With this increase in visibility, we generated enough leads for this client to cover the 2x the cost of the contract while organic growth continues to compound.

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