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Strategy Sprint

What's Included?

Comprehensive website analysis, reporting and recommendations using our proprietary SEO tools.

Analytics Review

We will conduct an examination of your Google Analytics and Google Search Console to verify the integrity of the data, ensuring that it’s well-prepared for the campaign and provides us with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

SEO Technical Audit

Our exclusive audit primarily targets the identification of technical impediments, subpar content, underperforming pages, and various other SEO-related challenges.

Competitive Analysis

An analysis of your rivals, your industry, and your market share in search engine results pages (SERPs). We benchmark how you compare against your competitors in regards to rankings and content production. When you ask the question, “How much content do I need to create?”, we give you a precise number and not just a number we pulled from a hat.

SEO Strategy

Fueled by research, testing, and success stories, our SEO strategy provides you with a clear roadmap for the next 12 months in terms of technical fixes, on-site optimizations, and content gaps. Our strategists walk through the roadmap with you and help prioritize and align stakeholders so that we can hit the ground running and make an immediate impact.

Looking for a different kind of sprint?

Our content sprints are designed to publish a high velocity of content to bring massive traffic and bottom line growth in only a few months.

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