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Content Sprint

Why sprint?

With a traditional SEO contract it can take months, even years, to really start seeing serious results from your SEO and content marketing efforts.

This is because SEO generally takes 6 months to see an impact, and so if your pace is slow, then 6 months SEO work will take a year to materialize.

So, let’s pick up the pace with a content sprint!


What is a content sprint?

Welcome to JCT Growth, where we specialize in providing tailored SEO services for real estate professionals. In today’s competitive real estate market, a strong online presence is a must. Our SEO strategies are designed to enhance your visibility, connect with buyers and sellers, and ultimately help your real estate business succeed in the digital realm.

A year's worth of seo - in just 4 months

Our content sprint method can get results in as little as four months. When it comes to SEO, that’s lightning-fast.

Here’s a breakdown of a typical content sprint timeline


We go all-in on a research deep-dive into your audience, your competition, and your current strategies.


After the first month, we take the research we’ve done and the strategy we’ve developed, and put them into action. We create and publish 30-100 longform articles – content designed to cater directly to what your target customers are actively searching for.

Why JCT Growth content sprints work

So what’s so special about a content sprint? What is it that makes them so devastatingly effective?


1. Comprehensive Research

We don’t create content without first building a comprehensive understanding of your brand and target market. How can you connect with an audience if you don’t understand what them? You need to know exactly what they want and what they need.

2. High-velocity Publishing

It’s not uncommon to publish an article you’ve worked hard on just to have only a small trickle of visitors view it. But with high-velocity posting, we provide you with 25-100 articles to publish over just a few months, which turns the heads of search engine bots that rank your content and get it seen by more people.

3. Authoritative Content

Deep, useful content that speaks to a customer’s pain-points and interests is key to building your brand’s authority online. From early awareness to lower funnel, we develop content to hone in on your customer’s search behavior that is going to nurture conversions.

Our 6-step content sprint strategy

The groundwork for massive SEO growth.

1. Topic Research

Our process begins with in-depth research to understand the topics your audience regularly searches for. We use dedicated software tools to uncover keywords, phrases, and terms most likely to drive targeted traffic to your site, establishing you as the go-to authority in your space. Our research goes deep. We will work with you to dissect your customer segments –  their habits, needs, and questions – to create a multi-touch point content strategy.

2. AI SERP Analysis

We leverage cutting-edge machine-learning tools to analyze thousands of Google searches. This helps us understand which queries drive the most traffic in your industry. It also helps us establish topic clusters, which we’ll use to create informative, compelling content that is hyper-targeted.

3. Competitor Research

No market intelligence research is complete without analyzing your competitors’ strategies. Our analysis:

– Uncovers your competitor’s SEO and content methods

– Identifies ways you can distinguish yourself from your competition

– Pinpoints weaknesses and gaps you can act on to increase brand visibility

Our research will also determine how often you need to publish and what type of content to hone in on.

4. Content Roadmap

Next, we’ll plan the content you’ll publish according to a roadmap. Our publishing calendar will outline which articles you’ll post on specific dates, rather than turning over a bundle of articles with no direction on when one might perform better than another.

5. Content Creation

Content creation is where the true magic happens. We’ll work with your trusted writers or our own wordsmiths to craft the content that will bring in a flood of readers to your website. We don’t leave content creation to chance; each piece will start with a clear brief and outline indicating the topics to cover and keywords to use.

6. Reporting

As your content goes live, we’ll leverage analytics that measure how well your strategy works. We use KPIs like lead and revenue generation, Google rankings, site visits, and conversions so you can see the results in real-time. Our service includes monthly reports that provide fully detailed, powerful analytics.

Looking for a different kind of sprint?

Our strategy sprint sets the foundation for your campaign where we dive into your analytics, technical seo, and competitors to develop an SEO strategy that will drive growth.

The Results of Past Campaigns

We work across B2B and B2C, most commonly in either Ecommerce or SAAS – however, a content sprint can improve any business that wants to capitalize on SEO.

B2B Content sprint case study


in Organic Market Share




leads year-to-date

0 to 27


B2B Content sprint case study





0 TO 120

Position 1 rankings

0 to 450

page 1 rankings

B2B Content Strategy case study



0 to 743

Top 3 Rankings


in incremental revenue

0 to 1600

page 1 rankings

Is a content sprint right for you?

Our solution is a suitable fit for companies facing these problems:

–  A highly competitive market sector driven by customers seeking answers
–  No expertise in SEO, content creation, and competitor research
–  A desire to attract customers to drive revenue growth
–  No full-time marketing and content creation staff
–  A need to enhance authority and brand recognition
–  Little to no organic traffic, despite regular efforts at publishing content

We can help you build an effective content creation strategy that gives your organization the momentum it needs to succeed — fast!

Get Ahead of the Curve with a Content Sprint

Traditional SEO strategies aren’t enough to stand out in a market where every brand is trying the same tactics.

In 4 months, your competition won't know what hit them.

Reach out to JCT Growth today to realize your goals and maximize your potential for organic traffic and revenue!

SEO Packages


A small sprint perfect for an isolated segment.
$ 12,500*
  • 25 Articles
  • Full Content Roadmap
  • Reporting


A strong sprint with hyper-growth potential.
$ 25,000*
  • 50 Articles
  • Full Content Roadmap
  • Reporting


Blow Your Industry Up.
$ 50,000*
  • 100 Articles
  • Full Content Roadmap
  • Reporting

As mentioned above, each client’s growth needs are unique and to that end, we build out our pricing accordingly. We’ll design a package based on your budget and goals, so that your business flourishes.

Unlock Your Potential with JCT Growth Today!

Transform Your Business, Achieve Success, and Grow Beyond Limits.